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Uptime is everything

When customers invest in a Volvo Penta powered product, they want maximum uptime, reliability, productivity and peace of mind. Scheduled maintenance and preventive repairs will keep them from unnecessary and expensive downtime.
Volvo Penta has created four levels of service agreement, designed to provide a safer and easier ownership. From a flexible base we can develop an agreement uniquely suited to the needs of any business. Our objective is to help maintain maximum productivity within a budget that suits the customers cash flow and demands.   This is achieved through programme of regular engine inspections to a comprehensive repair and maintenance programme that removes the need for an on-site engineering workshop. All this together will offer the lowest total cost of ownership. 
Ask your customer what the cost would be:
  • Not be able to unload a 10.000 container cargo ship?
  • When a mining machine is blocking the main shaft?
  • For a non functioning emergency diesel generator?
  • 1% running cost
  • 99% downtime cost